Paw & Order: Concordia University

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Jeff Black On Oct 28 , 2013

Today, we are here to explore the crimes of the desperate education system. Colleges are constantly judging, reviewing and weeding out applicants; unfortunately, these “qualified” evaluators often break the rules that they claim to be enforcing. We know “higher education” to be an imperfect, negligent system rife with faults; unfortunately there is not always accountability at the top of the food chain.

Who are the watchdogs of the University? They are: real dogs. Exemplary citizens have challenged the low standards and inept screening methods of so-called “higher” institutions. They leapt into the university system, and graduated with high marks. These top individuals deserve recognition beyond diploma. Time and again, Man’s Best Friend has stood at the front line to take the bullet when we could not fight the battle for justice in education.

That’s right. Dogs are dealing with the pressures of college, just like you. Don’t believe it? Check out this article from the AP.

First citizen, protecting our learning:

John I. Rocko, Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Concordia College in 2007.

This police dog has a degree from the same University as his owner, Police Chief John McGwire. The undercover canine received a diploma in criminology, as well as a subpoena to give his testimony in the case against Concordia in Ohio.

What does that mean for us? This institution will have to re-evaluate it’s scam, and improve the value of it’s education to the students. Thank you, John Rocko. And congratulations on using your criminology degree to it’s fullest potential, putting away the baddies!

Thus, this post is dedicated to the famous educated canine, the Professor Dog. Urban Dictionary defines Professor Dog as:

  1.  Professor Dog
“The famous UC Barkeley teacher that is famous for teaching Ecodogmics AND Algebark. He is also a dog.”


There are many other animals that have helped

May you learn from his adventures, improve from his lessons, and keep a sense of humor in all your college endeavors.