Pulling a Successful All-Nighter, with Tips from the Special Forces

Posted by
Jeff Black On Dec 6 , 2013

This clue-in from Art of Manliness has to be one of the best set of finals tips leading up to, preparing for, and ultimately, pulling off a successful all-nighter. When you know your life is leading to an all-nighter, you better prepare via these steps, supplements, and practices. The author actually consulted with Soldiers, Marines, and Special Forces to get the best answers. Here’s an excerpt on advanced preparation for an all-nighter:

” ‘Make sure you don’t get behind on sleep. When you know an all-nighter is coming, see if you can bank a few extra hours in advance. That makes the well deeper when you have to dip into sleep reserves. This really works.’ –Eric, former Navy SEAL”

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