Rock-Star Professors? Ranting with the Stars

Posted by
Jeff Black On Nov 18 , 2013

Online classes are seriously considering enlisting the help of a new group of teachers. They’re not academics. This group is often accused, criticized and attacked by educators, media, politicians, and more. Many never even graduated from college. They’re not revolutionaries.

They’re celebrities.

What makes celebrities qualified to teach university courses? Nothing really. Professors must be very insulted – which is definitely worth your next laugh bringing it up in a lecture. Of course, it’s not like Kim Kardashian will be teaching your Astrophysics lab – so we may be blowing this out of proportion.

The real story? Harvard and other upper echelon Unis may be considering enlisting the help of Matt Damon and others to improve how we take online classes.  So instead of asking us to take them, you may want to participate – or at least watch the lectures. There’s no contest that Jason Bourne would make a more interesting professor than Dr. Dull’s average lecture-vid, though we’re not sure what the exorbitant. Our big question? Will he do his own stunts? Will he do ANY stunts?

If there’s one thing certain in all these negotiations, getting Damon to trade in that black ops sweater for a Bill Cosby edition patchwork will take more than a few grand on top of the $30k-slavery of illustrious non-tenured professors. Did we say slavery? We meant salary.

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