Surviving An Online Course: The Ultimate Guide For Procrastinators

Posted by
Jeff Black On Nov 11 , 2015

Online courses offer freedom and the flexibility to study from anywhere and at any time. But they also need commitment and dedication. Although most universities are flexible with deadlines, you cannot afford to lose one. Missing deadlines often have a domino effect- you miss one and before you know you’ve missed almost all of them. Procrastinators who’ve joined an online course have to work very hard to keep up with a grueling schedule. Here’s a simple guide to help procrastinators stay on schedule:

Choose a dedicated area and a specific time of the day:

It is true that you can access notes and textbooks from any place that has internet connection and is quite. Choosing the same place again and again helps students get into the rhythm.

Keep a schedule:

When you begin the course, take down all the details related to the schedule. This includes marking last days for submitting reports, tests, project deadlines, etc. Set an alarm to warn you ahead of these tasks.

Seek help:

If you fear to miss a deadline, speak to your instructor and check if they could extend the last date. Or, hire professionals to help to do your homework. It makes so much sense to pay someone to take your online class rather than miss the deadline. Experts at Online Class Help don’t just help with homework and tests; they take online classes, complete assignments, and even comment on discussion boards for you.

Plan Ahead:

Start early to avoid unexpected (and unwanted) surprises. For example, if your assignment is due next Tuesday, do not wait until Monday to start. And most importantly know what is due for the next few weeks. This helps you to prioritize commitments.

Study Daily:

Don’t wait for the weekend to complete your reading assignments and projects. Instead, spend at least an hour every day reading the coursework or preparing for projects.