College Oddities! Take My Online Class, with Jesus

Posted by on Nov 7, 2013

College Oddities! Take My Online Class, with Jesus

Almost daily, there are new ways of taking online classes, new online classes to take, and strange new things available to be learned from professors both online and offline (College can be a bit of a joke sometimes, despite all the naysayers). We’d like to bring your attention (and hopefully entertainment) to these unusual options, for the good of education!

Our teachers spent the prime of our teen years jamming the idea of looking “well-rounded” to the colleges we applied to. Online education has revolutionized the acceptance process, but being a jack-of-all-trades can still go to your benefit. Your latest, most affordable option for becoming a TRULY renaissance millenial (sounds like  a bit of a devolution, no?) may include this unique certification that’s sure to make you look exotic, in a “conservative” way of course.

Ever dream of becoming a minister? Now you can strengthen your connection with the Lord – virtually! Without having to spend the $50,000 on seminary or theological school, anyone can now take an online class to become an emissary of the Church. The Universal Life Church allows anyone to become a minister via non-traditional methods. Of course, the Church is becoming much more open to non-traditional things lately, so this is the least of their shockers for 2013.

Ever take this class online, or any other strange classes? We’d love to hear from you! Comment yours below this post, and we’ll make it the feature of our next blog on College Oddities at Online Class Help!