The Classmates You’ll Meet In Online Classes

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Jeff Black On Jan 7 , 2021

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In a typical online class, there are many kinds of students. There are self-directed learners and slackers, and there are those who make learning a drag and others who make it enjoyable. The recent shift from in-person classes to online learning has made it so now less confident students can participate in class without fear of judgment or ridicule. Also, online classes give driven students a way to get ahead of work, while others can elect to call tutors and ask, “Can you take my online class for me?” when they need assignments completed on time.

In the following sections, we’re going to talk more about the classmates you’ll probably meet during your online learning.

Overly Enthusiastic Students

Enthusiastic students always have questions about everything. It does not matter what time it is, they always reach out to instructors when they need their doubts addressed. While they can be smart, they can also be annoying to instructors and other students.


Some students complain all the time. For them, anything can be a problem. Sitting in front of the computer for long hours, doing assignments, preparing for exams—all these things fuel complainers. Not only can they not stop complaining, they also come up with plenty of excuses to avoid meeting academic commitments.

Overdressed Students

A small group of students treats online classes just like real classes in every sense. You can identify these students by their attire. They may appear in their uniform just like they would in traditional classes. Some appear in formal outfits while others use too much makeup. Although these students aren’t common, you may run into them here and there.

Underdressed Students

Just like how you may see some students being over dressed, you can also come across students who clearly don’t care about their presentation. Male and female students alike can make questionable wardrobe decisions.

Insecure Students

Some feel shy when they show their face on camera. Others elect to not use video while some do everything possible to avoid eye contact with the camera.

Muted Students

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You’ll encounter these online students a lot. These students are always unaware that they’re muted, and some will go on and on before actually making audio possible.

Poor Connection Students

Students with poor internet connection tend to sound like they’re underwater, and their screens are often overly digitized too.

Pet Lovers

Pet lover students can cause a disturbance to the entire class when they bring their pets on screen.

Careless Students

A careless student may forget to mute their video or audio and then proceed to do things that the whole class can see/hear. Careless students get in trouble often in online learning.

Smart Students

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