The Do-It-Tomorrow Syndrome: How to Tackle The Biggest Enemy of Online Learning

Posted by
Jeff Black On Oct 12 , 2015

We all know online learning isn’t for procrastinators. It directly affects performance and results in poor grades. Here’s how to beat the habit and stay ahead of the curve:

Do Not Over-commit:

The problem with most procrastinators is that they do not understand the value of time. These people often end up adding things to their task list without worrying about completing these tasks. The first step to solve the problem is to learn the limits of everyday and accept responsibilities accordingly. Do not commit to a task without worrying about the deadline or the task may end up spilling to the next day, leaving you perpetually stressed and tired. And whenever possible, give yourself time to complete one task at a time rather than worry about completing too many tasks at once.

Create a Schedule:

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Create a schedule that allows you to set aside time for homework and other activities like reading, posting replies, taking part in discussions, or completing assignments. But remember to stick to the schedule.

Set A Specific Time Limit For a Task:

Setting specific time for tasks give you bursts of energy. It allows you to focus better and handle the task at hand. Take a short 30 minute break after an hour of complete focus.

Make A List of Accomplishments At The End of the Day:

A task list early in the morning and an accomplishment list at the end of the day are perfect to help you tackle work. This allows you to end every day on a positive note and with a feeling that you’ve manage to accomplish some (if not all) of your tasks.

Seek Help:

Students struggling to meet deadlines often do not seek help. They often flip from one deadline to another having fail to meet even one at the end of the day. To combat this feeling of helplessness, you can always seek help. Ask your instructors if the deadline can be extended or pay someone to take online class for you.Can I really get someone to take my online class for me? Yes, you can! And it’s really simple as well- search for someone who offers math homework help  (or help with any other subject) and get them to complete your assignment on time or participate in a discussion on your behalf.