Things To Do Before, During, And After An Online Exam

Posted by
Jeff Black On Dec 23 , 2016


You are here because your exam is approaching near. You do not know where to start and how to study for exams. But the below tips will help you, indeed.

Before An Online Exam: Prepare

1. Know the test guidelines: Read all the instructions given by the instructor. Make sure

• Whether the test should be taken at a given time or can be taken at any time during a particular time window.

• Double check the exam date and location – whether the test can be taken at home or an authorized center.

• The test format- whether it’s multiple choice, short answer, or fill-in, or perhaps a combination of all.

2. Check your computer, browser, and internet connection

Avoid last-minute hiccups. Check your system to fix problems, if any. Make sure you have all the required software and hardware. Log-in to your exam site prior to the exam date and ensure the browser you are using is compatible.

3. Review your notes

Review your handwritten notes, forum discussion posts, and the course materials. If you are unsure about a concept, ask your instructor or peers.

4. Don’t panic: Be relaxed

Believe you have adequate knowledge to face the exam. So relax, and find a quiet place to study for your exams.

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During An Online Exam: Focus

Once you are logged in, take a moment to relax and focus.

1. Write answers in a word-processing software

If you want to write a short answer or an essay, write either in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, WordPad, or any other word-processing software so that editing can be easier. Once you are done, cut and paste the answer into the designated field on your exam site.

2. Check before you submit

Before you hit the submit button, review the accuracy of your answer including spelling and grammar. Ensure you have answered all the questions.

3. Keep an eye on the clock

Be aware of timing. Your exam site will shut down automatically once the end time is reached. Make sure to complete the exam within a specified time period.

After An Online Exam: Review Yourself

1. Evaluate your progress

Question yourself – “How did I do my exam? Did I skip a question? What questions did I find confusing?” and so on. Review your notes again and find answers to the questions that were challenging.

2. Check your grade

After completing the test, you may see your grades immediately, or you have to wait some time to find out your score.

3. Find ways to improve on the next exam

Analyze if study strategies worked in exams. Keep them in mind and make changes next time accordingly.

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