Tips For Writing Interesting Essays

Posted by
Jeff Black On Jun 23 , 2017


A good essay offers a fresh perspective and is presented within a tight structure. The context is clear and arguments balanced. Zero grammar or sentence structure errors are the icing on the cake. Whilst a good essay draws readers, a bad one leaves them confused and irritated. Here are few things to remember when writing an essay:

Choose an Interesting Idea:

To write an interesting essay, you need to be interested in the topic of discussion. Passion comes naturally when you are involved in the process. If you are forced to write essays about a subject you lack enthusiasm, follow these tips:

• Think of the subject from a new angle.

• Think from reader’s perspective

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Add Details:

Sometimes there’s little you can do to make a topic interesting. Try adding details to help the reader relate to the information easily. Search for content that is impressive and relevant to the topic.

Use Interesting Writing Styles:

Get to know why some essays are more interesting. Incorporate these styles while writing. . You needn’t copy the content; capture only the essence and present them in your own way.

Address In Active Voice:

Write in the active voice. Students often write in the passive voice because their content sounds more intellect and scholastic. It makes the essay boring. The active voice is always considered to be more direct and concise.

Avoid Always Using A Thesaurus:

Using a thesaurus to add complex words can never make your content sound intelligent. Do not use complicated words. Instead, use simple words that convey the intended meaning.

Avoid Using Repetitive Phrase And Clichés:

Avoid repeating the same sentence structure in every paragraph. You can try mixing up both simple and complex sentence to become unpredictable for readers to judge. Also, try to avoid clichés to make your essays interesting.

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