Tips To Engage And Introduce Yourself In Online Classrooms

Posted by
Jeff Black On Dec 12 , 2016

Introduce Yourself In Online Classrooms

First impressions are the best. So take enough time to polish your introduction and tweak it depending upon your instructor and peers.

Here are tips to start your online class with a strong introduction

Include Personal And Professional Details

While introducing yourself in an online classroom, stick to the following format

• Your name and location

• Your current job status (if you wish)

• Say something about your interests outside of class

• How did you come to enroll in this course program?

• What do you hope to gain from this course?

Be precise in your answers and use proper tone (i.e., language and approach). It’s also nice to upload your own picture along with your user name.

Add Multimedia Links

Extend your introduction by adding links to your personal web page or your social media profiles (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, etc.). This helps others to know more about you. Also, you are opening a way for others to interact with you outside of class.

Know Your Instructor

Write and email an instructor by introducing yourself. Be in touch with your professor so he/she would remember you during your entire course. Analyze what your instructor is expecting in his/her students. Try to add points based on his/her expectations to impress your instructor.

Know Your Peers

It’s easy to communicate with your peers when you know about each other. Ask yourself, ‘what do I want to know about my peers’. Because you will meet the same set of students during your entire course. Knowing about your peers and maintaining a good relationship with them will be helpful for you in choosing the right student for project or group work.

Build A Rapport With Your Peers

You can’t connect with your co-learners unless you fail to introduce yourself. If you wish to engage with everyone, don’t be shy to introduce yourself first. Also, respond to your peers by replying to their introduction posts and discussion boards.

Like you, your peers also enrolled in an online class with expectations. Engage with everyone friendly and encourage introducing themselves and to post on discussion forums.

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