Top Reasons For High Student Drop Out Rates

Posted by
Jeff Black On Jan 21 , 2018

Reasons For High Student Drop Out

As many graduates know, the transition from a high school student to college can be too much to handle. The change in workload, environment, and attitude tend to de-motivate students who may have been previously confident in their academic abilities. During their initial days, most students have to go through a tough phase. Some students tend to give up after a semester or two. In fact, first-year students have the highest dropout ratio among all college students.

There are many reasons for students struggling to stay. Here are a few of them.

Living In A Tough College Atmosphere:

Dealing with the rough atmosphere is the most common reason for students dropping out. It definitely adds on to the pressure. For example, going to school for seven hours a day, five days a week compared to living on campus 24×7 definitely takes time to adapt. Being away from home and acclimating to new surroundings can be overwhelming for a lot of students.

Family And Economic Issues:

Life is never a straightforward ride. Some students may have to take up part-time jobs to support themselves as well as their families. Things such as death or divorce in the family can cause an emotional strain. It can push them over the edge, making it almost impossible to balance their responsibilities.

Choosing The Wrong Major:

Figuring out what to pursue in life in terms of a career path is always a struggle. Almost 80% of college students decide to change their major at least once. With this uncertainty as well as with the amount of money already spent, finding out that they don’t like their major can be stressful. They seek alternative majors that align with their dream careers. After switching their drive towards a new major and not enjoying it, some decide that finishing their degree is just not worth it.

Difficulty And Workload:

Regardless of the major they choose, college workload is significantly more demanding than the most rigorous high school process; test after test, paper after papers will come your way. To adapt to the new circumstances, many students will have to treat their education as a full-time job. It means that aside from course hours, students need to spend more hours studying. But unfortunately, many young adults aren’t ready for this. If you are in a similar situation, it’s advisable to hire online class help to manage your courses. Call 1-855-438-4936 to ask – ‘can I pay someone to take my online class?’

Lack Of Discipline:

Any challenge can be overcome regardless of circumstances. One must deal with it. It’s all a matter of discipline. Basically, when a student has the willpower to finish education and take active steps to follow through with it, nothing will stop them. So even with all the setbacks, being disciplined and having willpower will help students to get over any obstacle.

Graduating college is an integral part of a successful career. Hopefully, these tips provide valuable insight and prevent you from dropping out of college.