Unusual ways to gain experience and money for the summer

Posted by
Jeff Black On Jun 27 , 2013

Whether you’re going back home for the summer, or staying up at school to take classes, it’s very likely that your parents are going to expect you to have a summer job.

If you don’t already work somewhere or are taking a leave of absence from your current employer, finding a job during the summer months – June to August – can be difficult. During this time businesses begin to slow down, which means less shifts and less employees needed.

Fortunately, there are still plenty of opportunities to make money. You just have to think outside the box. Here is a list of ways to rake in the cash, which will make your summer much more enjoyable.

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Look under the jobs’ row on Craigslist. Under jobs there are “gigs” then “resumes.”

I, personally, have never put my resume on Craigslist because I don’t want to potentially be spammed by stupid advertisements. However I have found a lot of work from the jobs’ and gigs’ sections. If you can’t find a full-time or part-time job be open to project-based work. This type of work tends to be more flexible, and it pays well.

Jobs on Craigslist may give you more “capital” on your resume, meaning you get great experience that will transfer to bullet points of proven skills.

Freelance websites

If you have experience in a particular industry or just know how to use Excel, register for accounts on websites, such Elance.com. There is an overabundance of freelance work.

Data inputting is not super exciting but hey, it pays, and it also proves to potential employers that you know how to use certain software, such as Microsoft Office Suite. Another plus is that you network with companies you might be interested in working with in the future.

Of course there are always the obvious summer jobs: server, lifeguard, baby sitter, intern or smoothie maker. The choice is yours.