What are Some Effective Study Tips for Medical Students?

Posted by
Jeff Black On Aug 6 , 2018

Effective Study Tips for Medical Students

Every medical student has their own strategies to earn good grades. Dedication, work ethic, and self-confidence are important to create a successful study method. Whether you’re starting medical school or beginning your second year, make use of these tips to remember everything on your exam day.

Active Learning:

Here are a few ways to learn actively.

– Reading out loud and rephrasing the material.

– Another way to actively learn is to teach others. You can either find an online study buddy or even explain the information to yourself. Think about how you would present information to someone who is new to the topic.

– Imagine the information in a question format. Ultimately you are going to be tested on the information in the form of a question. When it comes to medical school, it is going to be vignette-type examination format.

Answer Application Questions Early:

A lot of students like to save the practice question part towards the end of the revision time. But if you do them daily after completing your daily tasks, you’re actually preparing yourself for the finals. Even though you might answer wrong, it is an excellent way for you to learn from mistakes. It is a good way to reinforce the material.

Use Your Spare Time Wisely:

If you’re studying for a big exam like the MCAT or USMLE, remember that every minute counts. So if you’re driving long distance, or doing your laundry, you can listen to audio lectures. When you listen to the audio, again and again, that information will find its way into your memory.

Study Smart:

If you’re studying for hours and find yourself not focusing on the study materials, just stop studying. Take a 30-minute break and dedicate that time to do whatever that is distracting you. Consider solving a Sudoku puzzle or have a healthy snack. You can also watch a short comedy clip or listen to your favorite music. Then you’ll feel energized and can go back to studying.

Form an Online Study Group:

Studying with a group is great because you can do all the active learning strategies mentioned above. You can come up with funny mnemonics to remember information. You can also alert your study buddies about any important information that you have come across in the course of your reading. Keeping each other accountable is really helpful to improve your knowledge.

Make a Study Schedule:

Setting a schedule for your daily plans can help you stay on top. Medical students use a lot of study resources like Firecracker, Quizlet, Picmonic, Bio Dictionary, Pocket Anatomy. So you can assign each resource with a dedicated amount of your study time. If you divide up your day like this, then you’re less likely to waste your valuable time.

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