What Are Some Of The Ways Students Cheat

Posted by
Jeff Black On Nov 20 , 2015

Academic cheating isn’t new- I’d be mad to make you believe otherwise. While earlier, cheating was restricted to taking cheat sheets for tests, today they’ve become sophisticated. I won’t delve into what is right and wrong, but look into some of the novel ways students use to finish and complete a course:

Looking up answers on the internet:

This is fairly common among students- even among those in a conventional setting. This could include seeking help from Google to complete an assignment or looking for answers by entering the text of the question.

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Sharing answers with friends:

Rather than burning the midnight oil to complete assignments, does it not make sense for  students to share the task with fellow students?  This can be done using G+ hangouts, Skype, or Google docs.

Hiring educators to take your class/homework for you:

Can I pay someone to do my homework? Yes, and not just homework, you can hire them to complete your essays, and even get them to participate in discussion forums. The subject matter experts can guarantee an A or B, or return your money back.

Claiming to have completed the project, but can’t trace them now:

This is akin to the cat ate my homework theory- the only difference being now you cannot blame the cat, but technology comes to the rescue. If you are lucky, the student may get extra time for his credits.

Of all the above methods, doesn’t it make sense for an average student to pay and get someone to take the course for you? I don’t mind to pay someone to take my online class- contact us if this is you. We don’t just help with online classes but with assignments and tests as well.