What Are The Effective Revision Strategies

Posted by
Jeff Black On Jan 27 , 2017


You are here because your online exams are approaching. Don’t panic; there is no shortcut to succeed in exams, but our top revision tips will ensure exam success.

1. Make a plan & stick to it

Start revising early; it helps reduce exam anxiety. Draw up a timetable and choose topics to be covered by the end of each day.

2. Find a quiet place

Study in a comfortable and distraction-free environment. Eliminate distractions- switch off the mobile phone, turn off the tv and radio, and log out from all the social media sites.

3. Take notes

It helps you remember things during the assessment. Use flashcards and write down the heading and main points. Stick it in your study room. This helps to remember information during an exam.

4. Test yourself

Testing yourself before an exam helps you recall things. This will help you find out areas you have to brush up on.

5. Review your progress

Review your plan to ensure you are making the most of your time. Set mini goals and reward yourself when you have completed the topics. This can also help you stay motivated.

6. Stay relaxed

Do not spend all your day for cramming. Relax yourself by hearing music, going for a walk, playing with pets or friends. Take a deep breath and encourage yourself with positive thoughts.

7. Revise with your peers

Studying in a group eliminates exam anxiety and make your revision productive. There are numerous platforms (e.g., Skype, Hangouts, etc.) are available on the internet to collaborate with your peers. Chat online and help each other understand the materials and test one another by asking questions.

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