What the F@*k is Tenure?

Posted by
Jeff Black On Dec 19 , 2013

Tenure. That word still sends a nasty shiver down my spine from my days dealing with the corruption of university education. The most unmotivated, moody pricks have somehow reached this “reward for good work”, and somehow your average emotional, hair-brained femi-nazis gain the “highest of professorial honors.” Most people know it as, “he can NEVER be fired” – but is that true? What does achieving tenure really entail? And why does it create this unmotivated mindset among tenured professors?

What is tenure?

Tenure is a position granted to a professor who has worked for 6+ years at the same university. This promotion requires only steady work: and once achieved, the college has created a monster. It takes monumental efforts to be fired once tenured. Take the Sandusky case. Once tenured, the University will do their best to cover up any mistakes you make, against the university, students, or the country itself. So be careful around tenured professors.

What does this mean for me?

Do not trust a tenured professor, but remember, you need to stay on their side. Their power within the university is exceptional. Ultimately, this means that classes you pay for will be cancelled, or taught by an unqualified TA. This also means that anything illegal the professor does will be VERY hard to pursue, so you need to have solid evidence before taking them on. The university will protect them, and that money has a very long reach.

Next time we’ll explore how professors get tenure, and what it really means.