Why Are Students Tempted To Cheat An Online Test?

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Jeff Black On Mar 26 , 2016

Contrary to what many believe, online students are less likely to cheat when compared to their classroom learning counterparts. But when they do, their methods are complex and varied, claims a research paper submitted by scholars at the Concordia University. The numbers, albeit small, could be powerful enough to drive away employers who are already skeptical about online learning, claim some. Yet, not many address the reasons that tempt students towards academic dishonesty. There are several reasons why students look for ways on how to cheat on a test. Some of them include:

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Online learning isn’t for everyone- especially if you are a procrastinator and/or impulsive by nature. Students who have for some reason or other, delayed preparing for tests are tempted to figure out how to cheat on a test. They are encouraged by the fact that there’s disconnect between instructor and students giving them the feeling that they won’t be caught.

Individual situations:

Not everyone who cheats on an online test is lazy. A large majority of online students are working professionals. They’re simultaneously balancing work, academic and family commitments. They prefer to outsource some of their course tasks to professional tutors when time is scarce. Some students prefer to hire experts when the subject is perceived to be difficult or boring. It helps them circumvent unwanted yet important subjects related to a course.

Improper understanding:

This is especially relevant when discussing plagiarism. Students who are often reported for plagiarized content do it innocently. They do not understand citation and referencing rules and hence, end up citing ‘copied content’. Students rarely read college policies on plagiarism.

Course structure:

The online learning platform is very different from conventional learning. Yet, course designers continue to use the same structure. Course structures are rigid with weekly assessments, tests, and other exercises. Students are required to submit their assignments before the deadline to avoid punitive action. With so much focus on grades rather than learning, it helps students to hire homework helpers.

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