Why Are Young Students Suddenly Interested In Online Learning

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Jeff Black On Feb 3 , 2016

Not until a few years ago, online learning was reserved for the middle aged men and women planning a career change or for senior citizens looking to learn something new. This trend has considerably changed over the years. The Asianian Market Research And Learning House publishes a yearly report about online learning to help colleges improve their online learning platform. The report claims that around 34% of students enrolled for undergraduate online courses are less than 25. This is the trend for graduate courses as well. So why is the younger generation keen on learning in the online platform?

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Make no mistake- online learning is not cheap. In fact, a good online program is almost on par with conventional classroom programs in terms of tuition and other fees. But online programs can help students save on other costs such as accommodation, transport, etc. In fact, many universities manage to find students within their geographical area.

Programs offered:

Almost 70% of students taking up online courses were women. They took up courses that needed further studying and the quality of these courses was the same -online and otherwise. Some of the popular online courses include health, nursing, social services, education, etc.


Most students taking up online courses are either working or have taken up multiple courses. This gives them little or time to attend regular classes. Online learning can be flexible, but it is important to complete assignments on time. You cannot afford to miss deadlines.
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