Why is Math important?

Posted by
Jeff Black On Aug 17 , 2016


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Learning Math is important because it is present in our daily lives. From balancing an account statement and figuring out interest rates to baking a cake, Math is an essential subject.

Math is commonly utilized in the following areas:

• Physics
• Computer Science/IT Finance
• Engineering
• Surveying
• Architecture

We all use Math, whether we realize it or not. For example, nurses, pharmacists, engineers, bank tellers, and stock market analysts use Math every day to perform their professional duties. Math sharpens your mind, and increases your reasoning power. You will become more curious, creative and knowledgeable. Your mind will sharpen and you will make better decisions. Math is even being used in sports; for example, in bowling, a bowler must know the best angle to throw a ball; and also in indoor games like chess where one has to make strategic moves.

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