Why Students Look For Online Class Help

Posted by
Jeff Black On Aug 8 , 2016


Online classes are as popular among middle aged people planning to launch a second career, as they are among young people looking to jump up the career ladder. Students who cannot afford to spend money on conventional prefer the flexibility of online classes. But that does not mean online classes are so easy. That’s why completion rates are low. Many who sign up for one class don’t sign up for another. And many more come to us asking: Can you take my online class?

Here is why we think so many people come to us:

• Grades are too important:

Learning has nothing to do with grades. If you are in this to learn something new and interesting, grades shouldn’t matter. But that’s not how things work in the real world. Employers value grades. So do admission boards at graduate schools. That’s one reason why so many students ask us to complete their class for them.

• Subjects are boring:

Although this sounds hard to believe, not everyone joins an online program to learn something new. More often than not, students have working knowledge of the subject and they’re in there only to earn a certificate. And sometimes students have to choose electives that are boring. With little choice, they end up asking us for help.

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