Why You Need a LinkedIn Profile

Posted by
Jeff Black On Jul 15 , 2013


Within the past week I have had three different friends ask me for help with their resumes because they want to apply to “big people” jobs yet not one of them has a LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn is vital for job seekers or members of Generation Y who are early on in their career. I personally think having a strong LinkedIn account is more vital than a resume (although I do recommend that you have one).

Below are the reasons why I believe everyone should have a LinkedIn profile.

1. Because you need a strong online presence.

Seventy percent of recruiters are going to conduct a Google search on you before they even bring you in for an interview. If you have a bad online presence then don’t expect to receive a call back. And if you are in the marketing field, not having an online presence is just as bad if not worse than having a bad online presence.

Make sure recruiters can find you online; especially, on LinkedIn.

2. Because it isn’t Facebook.

“But I have a Facebook.”

I don’t care if you have a Facebook. LinkedIn is not the same as Facebook. Recruiters do not hang out on Facebook. They hang out on LinkedIn so if you really want a job I suggest joining LinkedIn. Get (business) networking.

3. Because someday you will be looking for a job.

“But I am not looking for a job right now.”

You may not be looking for a job currently, but will you in the future? Generation Y is reported to only stay with companies for one to two years so if you’re a member of this generation it is very likely that you will not be with the company you are currently with forever.

You need to think ahead. You need to think about your next job right now so join LinkedIn.

4. Because you will need references.

The majority of employers are going to ask for references so why not make your references easily visible on LinkedIn.

The days of printed out reference lists are over. Make your recruiter’s life easier by requesting references from former employers on LinkedIn.

Why do you or don’t you think LinkedIn is important? Tell us in the comment section below.